The Toughest Job in Higher Ed is Worth the Hard Work

"When you google the toughest job in the world, you quickly arrive at the job description of a mother. OK, fair enough. But after all these years in higher ed, I’m convinced the toughest job in administration is in financial aid processing," Laurel Stiller writes for The On Base Blog.
"This is just my opinion. But, I just finished attending the national association of student financial aid administrators (NASFAA) conference in San Diego, CA, and here’s the truth of the matter. ...
To be successful, financial aid advisors (FAAs) have to be:
Wise in the ways of regulation
  • There are so many abbreviations for policies and rules and statutes, it is truly unreal. In 2014, I attended the NASFAA conference and learned what keeps FA folks up at night.
  • In fact, I made a note of 27 different abbreviations they use to reflect penalties and regulations – and I added another 15 just three years later! They definitely speak their own language.
Committed to student completion
  • It’s not enough to review data, perform financial aid verification, and package the incoming students. Nope, you start over year after year with added complexities of changes in policy, parent/student financial information, programs that your institution has eliminated or added, exceptions to every rule, scholarships, declines in funding, and goals set by the President and cabinet.
  • And you do all of it while in the midst of a time crunch. But along the way, you never lose sight of the ultimate goal: making sure students have the resources they need to make it to graduation."
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Publication Date: 7/13/2017

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