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The FAAC® designation must be renewed every three years, based on the date you pass the certification exam.

To recertify, one must:

Consider these recertification strategies, as there are many factors to consider to make the process work best for you.

Recertification Points System

To maintain your FAAC® status, you must earn a minimum of 60 Recertification Points (RPs), representing financial aid-related continuing education, qualifying leadership, instruction, authorship, advocacy, and other activities contributing to the profession. Individuals who earn more than 100 RPs will receive special recognition, including a discounted recertification fee and inclusion on a special registry. All points must be earned within the three-year recertification period. 

A full list of approved recertification activities are outlined online.

You will track your RPs in the Dashboard. You can select from pre-approved recertification activities to indicate what you have completed. A list of the required documentation per activity is outlined online. Points will not be earned until after an activity has occurred. 

If an activity is not included on the list of pre-approved recertification activities, you may submit information about the activity and suggested point value for the Commission to review within the Dashboard. Policy 21 in the Commission Standing Rules and Policies document provides more information on this approval process.

Once you have accrued the minimum required RPs, you can submit your recertification application and pay the recertification fee — all within the Dashboard. You can apply to recertify during the six-month period prior to the date your current certification expires. The next three-year recertification period begins as of the date your recertification application is approved.

You may also qualify to join the 100+ Club by earning 100 or more RPs!

Dashboard  | Recertification Point Activities | Candidate Handbook

Inactive Status

Inactive Status is available to certified individuals who do not meet their renewal eligibility requirements, but do not wish to permanently lose their certification status. Inactive status provides the FAAC® with a one-year period beyond their period of active certification in which to meet the renewal eligibility requirements.

While an individual's status is inactive, the FAAC® designation MAY NOT be used.

You can apply for Inactive Status and pay the associated fee within the Dashboard. Applications must be received prior to the end of the certification period for the request to be honored. Consecutive periods of inactive status are not allowed.


The FAAC® designation may be reactivated at any time during the inactive period as long as the renewal requirements are met. Any remaining recertification points must be accrued within the one year leading up to the resumption of certified status. To reactivate, you must submit the Reactivation Application and pay the reactivation fee within the Dashboard.

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