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NASFAA U Online Course Logo NASFAA is pleased to offer the following NASFAA U online facilitated courses. These collaborative learning sessions bring minds and ideas together despite distances. Online courses help you become more proficient, more knowledgeable, and more valuable to your organization. They give you the ability to interact with your colleagues through discussions and offer you the option to work towards earning a NASFAA Professional Credential or NASFAA U Certificate

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Upcoming Online Courses

Need Analysis/Pell (Sold Out)
Starts: March 12, 2024

This six-week interactive online course will review the changes in the federal methodology from the expected family contribution (EFC) to the student aid index (SAI), the calculation of the SAI, and the Federal Pell Grant calculation, including minimum and maximum Federal Pell Grant amounts. This course is the perfect learning tool for financial aid professionals to understand the calculations behind the new SAI and how to calculate the Federal Pell Grant using HHS poverty guidelines.

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Starts: March 18, 2024

This four-week interactive online course will focus on an overview of the required and optional elements of an institutional satisfactory academic progress policy. Course topics include calculating pace, student appeals, the impact of transfer credits, and the use of academic plans.


Return of Title IV Funds - April 2024
Starts: April 22, 2024

This five-week interactive online course provides an overview of the return of Title IV funds (R2T4) regulations. Course participants will learn what happens to Title IV funds when a student withdraws before completing the period of enrollment, withdrawal from programs offered in modules, and how to apply the R2T4 formula in order to calculate the amount the school must return to the Title IV programs, or the amounts the student could receive as post-withdrawal disbursement.


Academic Calendars
Starts: April 30, 2024

This four-week collaborative online course will focus on the building blocks of Title IV program eligibility. Concepts such as academic year, payment periods, and program structure will be defined and illustrated as emerging academic program structures test the traditional basis of determining program eligibility and packaging students with Title IV aid. In addition to covering the structures of standard terms, nonstandard terms, and programs without terms, this course will cover how modules, summer terms, intersessions, and clinicals impact the packaging and disbursements of Title IV aid. This course will provide you with basic concepts that will help inform your conversations and choices about program structure. Upon passing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.


Fundamentals of Student Financial Aid - July 2024
Starts: July 9, 2024

This four-week interactive online course will focus on the fundamentals of financial aid including applying, financial aid concepts, categories and types of financial aid, the Title IV aid programs, other federal sources of student assistance, and comparing financial aid offers.


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