2022-23 Board of Directors

As a national, professional association, NASFAA is led by the financial aid administrators who make up the core of its membership. NASFAA institutional members may be elected to the Board of Directors, which is the governing body of the association. The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing broad policies, setting and ensuring compliance with the organizational mission, and providing oversight and guidance for the future direction of the association. It is vested with all powers to manage the association's business, property, and assets, and is responsible for hiring and evaluating the president. The president is responsible for NASFAA's day-to-day operations, carrying out the mission as directed by the board, and the work of NASFAA's employees.

Learn more about the members of the current Board of Directors by selecting their names or photos below.

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Brad Barnett, FAAC® Photo
Brad Barnett, FAAC®

National Chair
James Madison University

Helen Faith, FAAC® Photo
Helen Faith, FAAC®

National Chair Elect
University of Wisconsin

Brent Tener Photo
Brent Tener

Past National Chair
Vanderbilt University

Justin Draeger Photo
Justin Draeger

President & CEO

Kelly Morrissey Photo
Kelly Morrissey

Community College of Rhode Island

Joe Donlay Photo
Joe Donlay

Second Year Representative-at-Large
Colorado State University

Sharon Oliver, FAAC® Photo
Sharon Oliver, FAAC®

Second Year Representative-at-Large
North Carolina Central University

Chris Pollard Photo
Chris Pollard

George Washington University Law School

Sandy Neel Photo
Sandy Neel

First Year Representative-at-Large
Spalding University

Marvin Smith, FAAC® Photo
Marvin Smith, FAAC®

First Year Representative-at-Large
University of California- Los Angeles

Angelika Williams Photo
Angelika Williams

First Year Representative-at-Large
University of San Francisco

James Anderson Photo
James Anderson

EASFAA Representative
Montclair State University

Heidi Carl Photo
Heidi Carl

MASFAA Representative
Purdue University

Angela Karlin Photo
Angela Karlin

RMASFAA Representative
University of Kansas

Celena Tulloss, FAAC® Photo
Celena Tulloss, FAAC®

SASFAA Representative
University of Tennessee

Amy Cable, FAAC® Photo
Amy Cable, FAAC®

SWASFAA Representative
Louisiana Community and Technical College System

Sarah Everitt, FAAC® Photo
Sarah Everitt, FAAC®

WASFAA Representative
Gonzaga University

Derek Kindle Photo
Derek Kindle

Diversity Officer
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Danchees D. Ingram Photo
Danchees D. Ingram

UT Southwestern Medical Center

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