Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, please email [email protected] and include the following:

  • A brief description of your article
  • Any questions you would like NASFAA staff to answer
  • Your deadline
  • Your contact information 

Resources for Members of the Press

  • NASFAA Press Releases: View our latest news and announcements.
  • NASFAA in the News: Check out recent media appearances and press clippings featuring NASFAA, as well as op-eds written by NASFAA staff that have been published by local, national, and online news publications.
  • About NASFAA: Find more information about our members and our mission.
  • Public Policy Positions: Review our NASFAA On the Record page for a collection of positions NASFAA has taken on federal budgeting, regulatory, and legislative action related to financial aid.
  • Advocacy Efforts: Most often, NASFAA advocates in two separate arenas: in the context of reauthorization of the Higher Education Act and in the budget and appropriations process. Learn more about specific recommendations NASFAA has made.
  • Trends and Stats: To read more about federal student aid programs and the federal student aid application process, as well as about the most recent trends in grant and loan borrowing, see NASFAA's annually updated National Student Aid Profile
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