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Great Lakes. Student loan debt letters are being mandated in a growing number of states. College Cost Meter™ is an affordable and versatile solution to send customizable student debt letters or emails, when it’s required or part of a student success program. Contact your Great Lakes representative or visit for more information.


There's not necessarily a student loan crisis, but there may be a repayment crisis, said Sarah Sattelmeyer, manager of the Pew Charitable Trust's Project on Student Borrower Success.

As Congress prepares to move forward with its work to approve a bill to fund federal education programs for fiscal year 2019, NASFAA wrote to the Republican and Democratic co-chairs of the Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform, encouraging them to maintain an efficient appropriations and budgeting process to better ensure colleges and universities are able to support students and families. While delays in the process "have created needless disruptions to the administration of federal student aid," NASFAA wrote, the issue "has become even more acute" due to the move to using prior-prior year income data on the FAFSA. Read the full letter.


New Social Media Sharing Feature Makes It Easy to Share News and Updates

Along with the updated look launched this morning for Today’s News—which includes a new banner, clearer sections, headlines that link directly to the source for the full article, and graphic indications when content requires a login to either NASFAA’s site or the source—we are pleased to announce that as of today, nearly all pages of NASFAA’s website allow users to share content on popular social media platforms with the click of a button. Additionally, users can choose to email NASFAA site links to colleagues or themselves using the new tools. We hope you’ll take advantage of these new features to seamlessly share the news and information that’s important and relevant to you and your colleagues.

 Austin 2018

Can't make it to Austin? This year, you can actively participate in the 2018 NASFAA National Conference from the comfort of your desk or conference room with our new interactive streaming option. Simply register for NASFAA Live and log on June 24 -27, 2018 to watch all our general sessions and a great selection of our interest sessions on your computer or mobile device. Visit the NASFAA Live page on the 2018 NASFAA National Conference website for more details, pricing information, and to register for NASFAA Live.


NASFAA U’s summer course starts soon! Overview of the Financial Aid Programs introduces attendees to basic financial aid concepts, categories and types of financial aid, the Title IV aid programs, and other federal sources of assistance to students. This course is not only an effective training tool for new financial aid staff, it also offers your institution's non-financial aid staff a basic understanding of financial aid programs and requirements. Register Now.


Proposed rule document 2018-13054, appearing on pages 28177-28178 in the issue of Monday, June 18, 2018, should have appeared in the Rules section of the issue and the heading should read as set forth above.




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