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This week on "Off The Cuff," Justin, Allie, and Megan discuss the latest news coming out of the Department of Education's negotiated rulemaking sessions on accreditation, distance education, faith-based entities, and the TEACH Grant program. Justin and Megan dig into the ongoing government shutdown and its impact throughout the country, and examine the newly-released beta "College Financing Plan" ED issued to replace the Shopping Sheet for 2019-20. Justin also gives an update on ED's solicitation for a student loan servicing platform, and Allie shares new findings from a report on what would happen if Congress lifted the ban on incarcerated individuals' access to Pell Grants. Plus, Megan shares a new stance the Federal Reserve has taken with regard to student loan debt—is it negatively impacting the housing market?

A subcommittee of higher education experts kicked off a two-day session, part of the Department of Education’s (ED) negotiated rulemaking or “neg reg” process, Thursday to discuss regulations related to distance learning and educational innovation. During the session—which was livestreamed but not open to the public to attend in person—negotiators debated a series of new definitions that ED proposed in an effort to inform the discussion from the larger neg reg committee around rewriting regulations related to accreditation and innovation.


A school has a student who withdrew from all courses for the fall semester in November after the 60 percent point; however, the student’s ISIR was not received until December 21. Can the student receive the Federal Pell Grant, even though the student did not complete any credits? Think you know the answer? Read on to see if you got it right.

SOE 20th

You've determined that your school needs either a Standards of Excellence or Consumer Information Assessment peer review. Take a minute to go behind the scenes so you can learn what to expect before, during, and after a NASFAA peer review. Once you know more about how the review will work, complete a no-obligation request for information to having a SOE or CI Assessment review at your school.

NASFAA Office Closed Monday for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Federal Holiday

The NASFAA office will be closed on Monday, January 21 for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day federal holiday. The NASFAA website and other online services will still be available, but NASFAA's Today's News will not be sent and technical and membership support will not be available until the office reopens on Tuesday, January 22.

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On January 20, 2019, Federal Student Aid (FSA) will remove the login requirement for access to the Central Processing System (CPS) Web Applications Demonstration (Web Demo) System, located at A user ID and password will no longer be required.




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