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This week on "Off The Cuff," Justin is joined by Emma Crawford, manager of financial aid and financial wellness at the University of Wisconsin, where she works with medical students advising them on financial budgeting and creating a plan to pay off their student loans. Along with University of Wisconsin medical student Chris Rufus Sweeney, the group discusses the financial wellness course they helped launch at Wisconsin, the impact it’s had, and how students are utilizing the information to help budget for paying their student loans. Plus, Owen and Justin recap the latest higher education and financial aid news.

Rising tuition costs have been a continual source of stress for students trying to enroll in postsecondary programs, but for many, increases in non-tuition expenses are exacerbating the financial burden. A new policy report from The Hope Center is aiming to help colleges better identify and support students in need of non-tuition expenses and help ensure that they have access to available financial aid.


Have you looked at NASFAA's events calendar recently? Wrapping up October, NASFAA President Justin Draeger and Assistant Director of Federal Relations Rachel Gentry virtually present at the PASFAA Virtual Fall Conference 2021; Justin, Rachel, and National Chair Brent Tener — along with other NASFAA staff — will virtually present at the NYSFAAA 2021 Conference; and Vice President of Policy and Federal Relations Karen McCarthy virtually presents at IASFAA (Iowa) Conference. In early November, Justin and Brent will present at the SWASFAA Annual Conference, Rachel will virtually present at the Fall MASFAP (Missouri) Conference, and Karen will virtually present at OASFAA Director's Day. Head to the Events Calendar to get all the details on these and other upcoming events.

Whether you’re a current financial aid director or just preparing for the leading role, "You’re the Director: A Guide to Leadership in Student Financial Aid" (third edition) can help. In this anthology — written by and for financial aid professionals — you’ll find guidance on leadership, budgeting, strategic planning, crisis management, and so much more. In addition to 10 fully updated chapters from the first two editions, the third edition also covers four brand-new topics and six completely reenvisioned chapters. This book is a must-have for new and aspiring financial aid professionals, as well as for seasoned financial aid directors seeking to improve their leadership skills. Order a copy now for yourself or your staff.

Please join us in congratulating Alexis Brown, formerly the senior financial aid advisor at Northwestern College, who is now the director of financial aid at Blackburn College. Celebrate your own career developments by completing the "Movers and Shakers" form to share the news with your colleagues.

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