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Upcoming Live Webinars

All available webinars are listed by date; check back often as new webinars may be added.

FAFSA Simplification: Planning for the Future
June 7, 2023, 2:00 PM ET | Two Hours
Price: Free for Value Plus and Webinar Package; $120.00 for other members; $240.00 for Non-members

FAFSA simplification is one of the largest changes in Title IV aid administration in the last 30 years. Join NASFAA's Jackie Cottom and Tiffany Gibbs as they discuss the changes to be implemented in the 2023-24 award year, as well as changes slated for the 2024-25 award year. Some of these changes include need analysis and the move from utilizing an expected family contribution (EFC) to a student aid index (SAI), changes to professional judgment, and cost of attendance. Other aspects of FAFSA simplification have already been implemented, such as the elimination of SULA, drug conviction, and Selective Service registration requirements.

June 14, 2023, 11:30 AM ET | 30 Minutes
Price: Free; (members-only)

On June 9, The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) requires Institutions of Higher Education to increase cybersecurity to better protect student data and privacy.  In a non-technical presentation, Federal Student Aid will discuss changes to The Safeguards Rule. We will outline major elements of your Cybersecurity Plan. We’ll cover your Incident Response Plan and risk reducing strategies. We’ll give you tips to prepare, resources for more information and answer your questions.

Preparing for Prison Education Programs: Tips for Administering Financial Aid for Incarcerated Students
June 15, 2023, 3:00 PM ET | 75 Minutes
Price: Free

In July 2023, incarcerated students enrolled in eligible Prison Education Programs will gain access to Pell Grant eligibility for the first time since 1994. Join experts on administering financial aid in prison settings for a discussion of what financial aid administrators and prison education practitioners can do to ensure they are prepared to effectively support incarcerated learners. Learn tips to successfully administer Pell Grants for incarcerated students, and gain an understanding of the existing regulations and guidance impacting prison education programs and the tools available to assist the financial aid and prison education communities when serving this student population.

July 19, 2023, 3:00 PM ET | 90 Minutes
Price: Free; (members-only)

Join Art Coleman, managing partner and co-founder of EducationCounsel LLC, and representatives from higher education associations, as they discuss the implications of two recent U.S. Supreme Court cases — SFFA v. Harvard and SFFA vs. UNC — which challenged the legitimacy of race-conscious admission policies.

Best Practices in Federal Work-Study
July 26, 2023, 2:00 PM ET | 90 Minutes
Price: Free for Value Plus and Webinar Package; $120.00 for other members; $240.00 for Non-members

Join Tiffany Gibbs, NASFAA Director of Online Compliance Products, as she covers some best practices in the administration of the Federal Work-Study(FWS) program. The webinar will cover the general, prepandemic rules and best practices regarding FWS, the new campus-based schema in COD for the reporting of student earnings, as well as the end of the COVID-19 national emergency and what that means going forward for the FWS program.

On-Demand Webinars

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New to Financial Aid?

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Recorded May 24, 2023 | 90 Minutes
Price: Free; (members-only)

NASFAA's Annual Business Meeting will be conducted virtually, immediately preceding the Policy Update Webinar. NASFAA's bylaws dictate that the association must meet annually for the purpose of transacting all business which may be brought before the membership. The meeting will include updates on NASFAA’s financial status, FAAC® program, governance and oversight, and diversity efforts.

The NASFAA Policy Update will include the latest updates on what's happening in Washington related to student aid policy. The Policy Team will provide updates on Higher Education Act reauthorization, student aid funding, regulatory action, and close with a question-and-answer session.

Cost of Attendance: Exceptions and Adjustments
Recorded May 10, 2023 | 90 Minutes
Price: Free for Value Plus and Webinar Package; $120.00 for other members; $240.00 for Non-members

Join NASFAA’s Norma Robinson and a guest panel of financial aid administrators for an in-depth conversation about crafting the cost of attendance (COA). During the webinar we will discuss commonly requested adjustments, such as dependent care, first professional licensure costs, as well as disability-related costs, and different approaches to accommodating them. We will also talk about some less common requests our aid administrators have received and how they handled them. This webinar will be helpful for aid administrators that serve undergraduate and graduate/professional student populations.

NASFAA Quiz Show: Test Your Financial Aid Knowledge
Recorded April 19, 2023 | 90 Minutes
Price: Free for Value Plus and Webinar Package; $120.00 for other members; $240.00 for Non-members

The NASFAA Quiz Show has been renewed and is all set for season 3! If the Game Show Network is one of your favorite cable TV networks, then you are going to love our NASFAA Quiz Show webinar, where we bring to life some of those very thought-provoking and sometimes mind-blowing AskRegs questions in a manner that is considered “edu-tainment.” The goal is to provide a good mix of questions so even our financial aid neophytes can participate in the fun as well. So, join NASFAA’s Kochie Vaughan and David Tolman in this engaging webinar as they test your knowledge on a variety of financial aid topics. Have fun learning and see which game show makes its debut for season 3!

Recorded April 12, 2023 | 60 Minutes
Price: Free; (members-only)

You know you need documented policies and procedures, but it’s hard to know where to begin. Do I start with “low-hanging fruit” or the hardest areas? What will my auditor (or a federal program reviewer) want to see? Join this webinar to learn tips, tricks, and strategies from the Blue Icon Advisors consulting team for how to start writing your policies and procedures.

Professional Development Panel: Honing in on Your Emotional Intelligence
Recorded March 29, 2023 | 90 Minutes
Price: Free for Value Plus and Webinar Package; $120.00 for other members; $240.00 for Non-members

Join NASFAA’s Susan Shogren and a guest panel as they discuss the importance of emotional intelligence, the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Keep an eye on Today’s News for updates regarding this webinar.

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