Compiled Title IV Regulations

Our Compiled Title IV Regulations are available as web pages for each of the major parts of the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 34—Education (CFR 34), that together govern the Federal Student Aid programs. We incorporate new regulations for each award year in a format that shows what text will change the following July 1, while retaining the compiled regulations from previous years for reference.

This edition of the Compiled Title IV Regulations includes changes in effect beginning with the 2023-24 award year.  Changes that become effective on July 1, 2023 are shown in red (added text) or black strikeout (deleted text). Corrections that became effective on July 6, 2023 are shown in burgundy (added text) and burgundy strikeout (deleted text). Changes that were implemented early on October 23, 2023, are shown in green (added text). Changes that were implemented early on January 21, 2024, are shown in pink (added text).  Changes that become effective on July 1, 2024, are shown in blue (added text) or blue strikeout (deleted text). Changes corrected on May 29, 2024, that become effective on July 1, 2024, are shown in orange (added text) or orange strikeout (deleted text).  Changes with multiple effective dates are shown in purple (multiple effective dates text).

Part 600: Institutional Eligibility

Part 600 includes definitions of the three types of institutions that may participate in the Title IV programs, conditions for establishing additional locations and new programs of study, requirements for maintaining eligibility, and factors that disqualify participation. Definitions of applicable terms (such as clock hour, credit hour, distance education) are found in this part.

Part 601: Institution and Lender Requirements Relating to Education Loans

Part 601 contains regulations relating to private (including institutional) education loans, and includes related codes of conduct, disclosures, and reporting.

Part 668: General Provisions

Part 668 contains regulations that govern the general administration of the Title IV programs, including the administrative capability and financial standards which institutions must meet in order to participate in the Federal Student Aid programs, the terms to which participating institutions must agree, the impact of cohort default rates, consumer disclosure requirements, and audit and program review provisions. Definitions of academic year and eligible program, as well as other applicable terms (such as undergraduate student, graduate student, full-time student, third-party servicer) are found in this part. Requirements of student eligibility, verification of FAFSA data, the treatment of withdrawn students, and disbursement and other cash management rules are detailed here.

Part 673: Campus-Based Common Provisions

Part 673 includes general rules applicable to all three campus-based programs, including the definition and treatment of overawards and overpayments and the use of administrative cost allowances.

Part 674: Perkins Loan Program

Part 674 contains regulations specific to the Perkins Loan Program, which is one of the three campus-based programs. Permitted use of funds, awarding rules, loan limits, terms and conditions of the loans, and institutional due diligence in administering and collecting Perkins loans are addressed in this part.

Part 675: Federal Work-Study Program

Part 675 contains regulations specific to the FWS Program, which is one of the three campus-based programs, including two optional program components: Job Location and Development, and Work Colleges. Permitted use of funds, awarding rules, terms and conditions of employment, and payment of wages are detailed in this part.

Part 676: FSEOG Program

Part 676 contains regulations specific to the FSOG Program, which is one of the three campus-based programs. Permitted use of funds, awarding rules, and minimum and maximum amounts are among the provisions included here.

Part 682: FFEL Program

Part 682 contains the regulations that governed the FFEL Program before it ceased operation. Many of these rules continue to apply to outstanding loans, including deferment, forbearance, discharge and cancellation, due diligence, repayment plans, and so forth. Some of the rules in this part are also applicable to the Direct Loan Program by cross-reference.

Part 685: Federal Direct Loan Program

Part 685 contains the regulations specific to the Direct Loan Program, which encompasses subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford loans to students, PLUS loans to graduate students and parents of dependent undergraduate students, and Consolidation loans. This part addresses borrower eligibility, counseling and payment rules, loan limits, terms and conditions of loans, repayment plans, loan origination provisions, and the requirements and standards that participating schools must meet.

Part 686: TEACH Grant Program

Part 686 regulates the TEACH Grant Program. It includes rules regarding eligibility, amounts, conditions of receipt, service obligation and conversion to a loan if that service is not performed, fiscal management and other institutional responsibilities.

Part 690: Federal Pell Grant Program

Part 690 contains regulations specific to the Pell Grant Program, including award calculation and recalculation, limits on eligibility, payment rules, reporting and recordkeeping, and other institutional responsibilities.

Publication Date: 5/31/2024

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