NASFAA on the Record

Advocacy IconFinancial aid policies and procedures don't evaporate once you step off campus. NASFAA wants to help represent your interests both in the financial aid office and on Capitol Hill. In this section, you'll find a collection of positions NASFAA has taken on federal budgeting, regulatory, and legislative action related to financial aid.

  • Bills and Legislation - Statements of support, opposition, and other commentary from NASFAA on specific proposed and enacted legislation.
  • Budget and Appropriations - Comments from NASFAA, or affiliated organizations, related to budgetary and appropriations matters undertaken by Congress.
  • Congressional Testimony - Material presented by NASFAA to Congress, or congressional staff, on issues concerning higher education and student financial aid.
  • COVID-19 - Letters and comments NASFAA has authored or signed onto with requests and recommendations on issues impacting financial aid amid the pandemic.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or Advisory Committee Issues - Comments in response to solicitations or initiatives of agencies or committees established to aid Congress or the White House in an advisory or investigative capacity.
  • Department of Education Regulatory or Process Issues or Other Executive Branch Departments - Comments or requests for action on established regulations, policies, processes, or other issues concerning student financial aid or other related areas of higher education.
  • Executive Branch Initiatives - NASFAA's comments in response to executive orders, strategic plans, or initiatives related to higher education (such as the scorecard and financial aid award offers) from the White House, Department of Education, or other Executive Branch Departments
  • FAFSA - Comments in response to FAFSA development and the aid application process
  • Opinion Articles and Editorials - Op-eds authored by NASFAA on myriad topics.
  • Other Associations or Panels - Presentations for, or comments in response to activities of, other higher education associations or entities.
  • Press Releases - Communications to the media.
  • Rulemaking - NASFAA's comments in response to Notices of Proposed Rulemaking or Interim Final Rules With Comments Invited, and comments dealing with negotiated rulemaking.

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