100+ Club

100+ Club BadgeNASFAA's 100+ Club is a prestigious group of highly motivated financial aid professionals. Members of this club have gone above and beyond the minimum requirements for maintaining the FAAC® designation by recertifying with 100 or more recertification points. 

Entrance into the 100+ Club is officially conferred when you recertify. As a member of the 100+ Club, you receive the following benefits applicable to your next three-year recertification period: 

To acknowledge the investment of time and effort required to recertify at this level, NASFAA is pleased to provide a 40 percent discount on recertification*. As soon as you have at least 100 RPs approved, you will receive a promo code you can use to maintain your status as an FAAC.  

Make the 100+ Club your goal! Review the list of recertification activities and be sure to keep your dashboard updated. 

*This discount replaces any other discounts. The promo code must be used at your next recertification or reactivation.

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