Recertification Strategy

Maintaining the FAAC® designation is an important commitment to your professional development, especially by continuing your training through the accumulation of new recertification points (RPs). Be strategic in your approach to recertification, as there are many factors to consider to make the process work best for you.

Timing Considerations 

  • We recommend waiting to recertify until a couple of weeks prior to your renewal date. Why? 
    • It maximizes your opportunity to accumulate RPs, potentially earning enough to join the 100+ Club.
    • You can remain certified for a longer period of time, making the most of your investment.
    • Your new renewal date will be three years from the date you recertify.
  • While we usually recommend waiting, there are reasons you might want to consider recertifying early. 
    • Budgeting. Based on your budgeting process, you may want to pay the recertification fee sooner than later, depending on your fiscal year or available resources. 
    • Future RPs. If you have already accumulated the amount of RPs you need, and have more qualifying events coming up, consider recertifying before the events so the new RPs count towards your next recertification period. 

Recertification Points Considerations 

  • RPs are approved after the event date or term of service is complete. If you are relying on points under the status "pending (date dependent)," double-check the end date to make sure they will be awarded before your certification expiration date. 
    • Example: If you are serving on the Rapid Response Network, the term of service is from October 1 through June 30, and the RPs will be approved after June 30. If you add the activity to the Dashboard before the term is completed, the activity will display with the status "Pending (date dependent)" until after June 30. 
  • New activities should be submitted at least three business days prior to your renewal date, or the date you plan to recertify, to allow time for review and approval.
  • 100+ Club - If you recertify with at least 100 RPs approved, you will receive additional benefits. You might want to wait to recertify, if you could earn more RPs before your renewal date. Benefits of the 100+ Club include: 
    • 40 percent off your recertification fee;
    • New lapel pin — and you can earn another one every time you recertify; 
    • Special digital badge. 


Notes about "Inactive" status 

  • Inactive status provides one additional year in which to meet the renewal eligibility requirements and recertify. 
  • Use this status only if you are sure you will not earn enough RPs to recertify before your current renewal date and you expect to reach at least 60 RPs in time to reactivate and recertify your FAAC® designation within one year. 
  • While inactive, the FAAC® designation cannot be used. Your name will be removed from the registry and your digital badge will be revoked. These benefits will be reinstated as long as you recertify before your new renewal date.


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