Certified Financial Aid Administrator® Program Fees

Pursuit of the certified designation is an investment that motivated financial aid professionals should make. NASFAA ensures that the certification is priced fairly and competitively among other professional certification programs. Ask for support from your supervisor using the customizable justification letter. Visit the Recognition & Benefits webpage for more perks of becoming certified.

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Exam Retake




Inactive Status





The following information relates to the fees associated with certification:

  • All fees are nonrefundable.
  • A candidate who does not pass the certification exam on the first attempt may request approval to retake the certification exam and pay the exam retake fee, which cannot be taken within the same testing window.
  • Only one certification exam retake is allowed within the exam eligibility period, which is one year from the date the candidate's initial application was approved.
  • The certification exam may be attempted only twice within a 12-month period.
  • The recertification fee applies to certified individuals who renew the designation before the holder's three-year certified designation period expires.
  • If a certified individual becomes inactive, the recertification fee would not be required; instead the Inactive Status fee and Reactivation fees will apply.
  • The candidate must start the application process over again if the certification exam is not taken within the candidate's one-year exam eligibility period, if the candidate does not pass the certification exam retake, or if the certified individual does not recertify or is not placed on Inactive Status before the three-year certified designation period expires.
  • Fees are subject to change.

*FAACs that accumulate 100 or more Recertification Points (RPs) during their certification period qualify for a 40 percent discount on recertification. Entrance into the 100+ Club is officially conferred when you recertify. 

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