Most Misunderstood Topics: Tax Filing Status

When it comes to regulations and guidance, there are many nuances that can make certain concepts difficult to understand in different situations. In this series, NASFAA will highlight commonly misunderstood topics, and direct readers to resources that can best address popular questions on each topic. Many financial aid professionals, for example, struggle with reconciling inconsistencies with tax filing status reported to the IRS and on the FAFSA.

The following resources from NASFAA's AskRegs Knowledgebase address some of the most common questions.

Can a Parent or Student Incorrectly Answer the IRS Data Retrieval Tax Filing Status Screening Question and Still Retrieve Usable Tax Data?

How Do We Resolve Comment Code 363 Regarding the Tax Filing Status of a Widower?

What Actions Must a School Take for Comment Codes 361 to 368 Related to Marital Status and Tax Filing Status Inconsistencies?

What Must We Do If an Individual Filed Taxes Incorrectly Using the "Single" Tax Filing Status?

Do We Need to Update a Student's Marital Status Reported on the FAFSA If It Does not Match Her Tax Filing Status?


Publication Date: 10/5/2017

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