CSI: Financial Aid Should Remain if Government Shuts Down

"A potential government shutdown may have you worried about some federal programs, like financial aid for your college student," KMVT reports. 

"The College of Southern Idaho said they have it under control.

Many students at CSI need help to pay for school. The school estimates about 78 percent of its students are on financial aid.

'Financial aid is very important to students attending community college, because they may not have the funding to attend college,' said Kimberlee LaPray, a spokeswoman for the college, 'and it's important for the college to make sure that those students get the funding that they are expecting.'

Because of that CSI officials said they’re ready to back up students if they need to. They came up with a plan years ago to pay for students in case a government shutdown prevented them from getting money.

;It's something that's important to our college, and our students will be funded this year no matter what the government decides to do,' LaPray said.

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators released a statement on this, saying, 'Federal student aid programs should avoid major consequences from a short-term shutdown. Federal student aid programs are forward-funded, meaning most of the dollars for (this year) are already in place.'"

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Publication Date: 1/22/2018

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