NASFAA Mention: Months After Congress Sent Emergency Aid to College Students, Distribution Remains Spotty

"... Such hiccups are hardly unexpected, given the vast leeway afforded by the U.S. Education Department to colleges in distributing the funds, coupled with unclear and evolving federal guidance about which students are eligible to receive the money. Two and a half months after the Cares Act was signed into law, distribution of the much-needed money remains inconsistent across higher education," The Chronicle of Higher Education reports.

"... In some ways, colleges benefited by being flexible in how they distribute the funds rather than having to observe strict federal guidelines, said Megan Coval, vice president for policy and federal relations at the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. However, they haven’t gotten much help from the Education Department, which has still provided little clarity on which students are eligible."

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Publication Date: 6/12/2020

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