NASFAA Mention: 'We Feel Forgotten': Students Say ASU Has Failed Them by Not Releasing COVID-19 Funds Quickly

"Jessica Antonio had relied on the library at Arizona State University to access a computer, printer and internet to complete her assignments. But when it closed due to the pandemic, the Navajo student scrambled to get those supplies so she wouldn’t fall behind during her last semester as an undergrad," KJZZ reported.  

"For a student on a tight budget, that meant making some sacrifices. 

'I had to pay for my internet so I skipped breakfast for two weeks because that money had to come from somewhere,' said Antonio, who graduated from ASU this spring and is planning to continue at the university as a grad student next semester.

Antonio is not alone. Across the country, cash-strapped students were pushed to the edge when the coronavirus pandemic began. In March, Congress passed a federal coronavirus stimulus package that included a lifeline for students. 

... Surveys by the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) found in May, nearly 70% of 585 respondents hadn't distributed the money out to students. In June that number dropped to 6% of 237 respondents.

Megan Coval, NASFAA’s vice president of policy and federal relations, that colleges have struggled with distribution because of rapidly changing guidance from the education department. It initially said the money could be given to all but later disqualified undocumented students, international students and others."

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Publication Date: 7/2/2020

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