NASFAA Mention: California Looks for Aid from Biden's Plans for Tuition-Free Community College and Higher Pell Grants

"As one of the leaders in offering free community college tuition to qualified low-income students, California is looking to get more federal assistance from President Biden’s proposals to make community college free and increase the federal Pell Grant to students," EdSource reports.

..."'President Biden is championing an investment that acknowledges postsecondary education is a critical component of our economic recovery and competitiveness,' said Justin Draeger, president of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. 'We welcome the proposed down payment on doubling the Pell Grant. This movement is long overdue. We’ll be putting all of our effort into working with the administration and Congress to iron out details and make these proposed new investments a reality.'"

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Publication Date: 4/29/2021

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