Dems Reintroduce Pell Grant Bill, Get Support of Education Leaders

"A day after a team of leaders from the Democrat Party reintroduced a bill called the Pell Grant Preservation and Expansion Act of 2021, the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) also called for a similar push to effectively double Pell Grants for students in need," University Business reports.

"NAFSAA officials say Pell Grants, which will max out at $6,495 for the upcoming academic year, have not kept up with inflation or the rising costs of postsecondary tuition and fees. The organization joins a coalition of others across higher education and politicians who are pressing for change.

'This is more than just a college access and economic mobility issue, it’s a critical part of a social justice movement that seeks to create equal opportunity for all,' NASFAA President Justin Draeger said. 'We know that Pell is a critical component in supporting postsecondary access for students of color and first-generation college students. Doubling the Pell Grant would be a monumental step that would benefit students from historically underrepresented populations.'

U.S. Department of Education figures show that 58% of Black students and 47% of Hispanic students receive Pell Grant aid and nearly 90% of those awards go to families who earn $50,000 or less. But NAFSAA says Congress has only incrementally added to those awards over the past decade – in fact, from 2011-12 to 2019-20, the increases on maximum awards totaled just $645."

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Publication Date: 6/17/2021

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