Biden Plan Draws Wide Ire for Excluding For-Profit Colleges From Pell Increase

"Months of failed haggling between the White House and the moderate Democratic wing over President Joe Biden's signature spending plan recently yielded a new, scaled back iteration — with a surprising inclusion," Education Dive reports. 

..."The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators also would prefer policymakers address accountability from the side of colleges, rather than involving students, said Karen McCarthy, the group's vice president of public policy and federal relations.

Recent years have seen moves to simplify aid procedures, for instance by reworking the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Biden's proposal would seemingly upend those efforts, McCarthy said.

The Pell Grant was conceived as a form of portable funding that would follow students to the colleges of their choice. But if maximum funding amounts differ by college type, McCarthy envisions a cumbersome process in which students would need to be informed about the levels of aid they'd receive depending on the type of institution they would attend. 

'It establishes an entirely new precedent,' she said. 

Ideally, students and their families would simply be able to look up how much their award would be, without complicating factors, McCarthy said."

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Publication Date: 11/10/2021

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