Jobless Benefits’ Unintended Fallout: Reduced College Financial Aid

"Unemployment benefits helped millions of people who lost their jobs in the pandemic, but now the payments may throw a wrench into the college financial aid process," The New York Times reports. 

..."The Federal Student Aid office has instructed college financial aid administrators to fix the problem if they become aware of it. But administrators may not be able to easily identify affected applications because they don’t typically see a breakdown of a family’s income, said Karen McCarthy, vice president of public policy and federal relations at the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators."

..."Regardless of the reason, students should let financial aid offices know if their circumstances have changed. 'If information on the FAFSA doesn’t accurately reflect your current situation, reach out to your school,' Ms. McCarthy said — the sooner, the better."

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Publication Date: 4/1/2022

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