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Inceptia. Whooo's getting a new look, improved functionality, and an app? Financial Avenue! Celebrating financial empowerment for more than 150,000 students, we look forward to continuing to provide the custom action plans and focus on behavioral finance Financial Avenue offers, plus new platform flexibility and integration. Find out what makes Financial Avenue so popular. Request a demo today!


In a recently released report from the Department of Education’s (ED) Office of Inspector General (OIG), the internal watchdog identified five specific vulnerabilities that could seriously impact the department’s ability to carry out its goals while at the same time mitigating waste and mismanagement. The internal audit is part of an annual process which requires ED to detail its most serious management and performance challenges and highlight the ways in which the agency can best address departmental processes.

It is with great sadness that NASFAA learned of the passing of William "Bill" Schilling, a longtime director of financial aid at the University of Pennsylvania and former chair of the 568 Presidents Group Technical Committee. Bill spent his entire career until his retirement in 2012 at Penn. As an undergraduate student and Federal Work-Study recipient, Bill worked part-time in the university's laundry room and financial aid office while he earned his bachelor's degree. He subsequently attended the university's law school and took a job as a financial aid officer following his graduation. By 1980 he rose to the role of director of student financial aid and remained in that position for over 32 years. NASFAA is grateful for the impact Bill has had on the financial aid community as a whole. Our sincerest condolences and best wishes go out to Bill's family and friends.


No. If you can document that one of the parents demonstrates exceptional circumstances and is unable to borrow a parent PLUS, you can approve and originate additional Direct Unsubsidized Loan funds for the dependent student. View the full answer to this question to learn more.

Is professional development one of your New Year's resolutions? Start off strong by registering for New Director Group Coaching with NASFAA's Blue Icon Advisors. Group coaching is ideal for financial aid administrators with less than one year of experience at the director level. You'll work alongside a small group of other new financial aid directors as you discuss compliance-related matters, develop an operational calendar, learn about how to identify and support your staff's professional development needs, and draft a strategic plan to work toward and bolster the goals and activities of your office. The deadline to register is January 14 and only two spots remain – register today to reserve your spot. 

Nowhere else can you get the depth and breadth of professional development opportunities NASFAA offers. Every year, we provide a wide variety of programs for beginning, intermediate, and experienced financial aid administrators delivered in a multitude of ways to support different learning styles. Explore the options available to you, which range from attending NASFAA U online courses, to earning professional credentials, to becoming certified as an FAAC®. Join Dana Kelly, NASFAA vice president of professional development & institutional compliance, on Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022 as she reviews all of the opportunities available and helps you determine which path best aligns with your career goals or your office's needs. Register today





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