OTC AskRegs Experts: Updates on Student Debt Relief Neg Reg and the FAFSA 24-25 Contributor

This week on "Off the Cuff," Allie, Jill, and David discuss updates with the negotiated rulemaking process for student debt relief and new changes with FAFSA simplification and the contributor process. Jill first debriefs listeners on last week's negotiated rulemaking session on student loan debt relief and the Department of Education's proposed regulatory text. David then explains how a student can invite a contributor to complete the FAFSA and other intricacies with the contributor process in completing the 2024-25 FAFSA. 


Allie Arcese Jill Desjean David Tolman Maria Carrasco
Allie Arcese
Director of Communications
Jill Desjean
Senior Policy Analyst

David Tolman
Instructional Design & Content Specialist
Maria Carrasco

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Publication Date: 11/13/2023

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