Sample Social Media Captions to Prepare Borrowers for Repayment

Use the content below on your office's social media posts to help your students and borrowers prepare for student loan repayment.


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: Student loan repayment is slated to resume in the coming months – follow these steps now to ensure you're prepared!


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: Review your budget now to work your student loan payments back in. View more tips: 


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: If you have questions about #studentloanrepayment, use and your servicer website to do research, then use Chat or Live Chat functions to get assistance. If you still need help, make a phone call to your servicer.


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: Follow these tips to avoid scams as you prepare to enter repayment. 


Don’t give up on figuring out #studentloanrepayment options! 


See the latest on the @usedgov Student Loan Debt Relief at 


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: Have an account with FSA? You can log in or sign up on today to confirm your student loan servicer. 


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: Questions about who your loan servicer is? Log into with either your email, phone, or your FSA ID to find out.


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: As you prepare for student loan repayment, consider your repayment strategy and whether you are in the right repayment plan for you! View different options at


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: Don’t remember which student loan repayment plan you’re in? You can find it by logging into your account on or by logging into your loan servicer’s portal.


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: Be sure to review your personal budget to ensure that you will be able to make your necessary monthly student loan payments! 


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: As you begin to communicate with your student loan servicer, keep in mind that they will provide you with free assistance; you should never pay an outside entity to help with your student loans! Review the full list of student loan servicers here: 


#StudentLoanRepayment Tip: Whether you are returning to repayment for the first time since 2020 or making your first ever student loan payment, it’s important to be prepared. No matter your circumstances, these steps will walk you through the process!

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