Core Operating Values

As an organization, NASFAA commits to: 

Fulfill our mission.

We strive to realize our vision of creating a better society through higher education. We maintain a sense of urgency, reject complacency, and work toward the common good. 


We demonstrate integrity and create an environment of engagement and personal responsibility. We are honest, transparent, and reliable. 


We work within and across our teams to accomplish our mission. We engage with and trust each other, value our diverse experiences and backgrounds, honor differing opinions, and commit to our shared goals. 

Value our members.

We always look for ways to better understand member needs and exceed their expectations.

Respect one another.

We foster a work environment of civility, connectedness, diversity, inclusion, and kindness.

Encourage balance.

We ensure productivity, and consistently seek to improve the quality of working life for our employees, value them as whole and unique individuals, and maintain a positive organizational culture.

As individual employees of NASFAA, we commit to: 

Prioritize service to members.

We aspire to exceed member expectations. 


We will work in an honest, transparent, and straightforward manner within the organization and with others, honoring both the spirit and the letter of what is asked of us. 

Personal responsibility.

We will demonstrate integrity in our work and be accountable.  When we come up short, we will first consider how we could have done things differently before assigning blame to others, and reflect upon how we can learn from the experience.

Prioritize teamwork.

We will be straightforward, candid, and work to create an atmosphere that fosters open communication and trust within our teams. 

Improve and evolve.

We will keep an open mind, embrace the opportunity to develop both as an individual and as a team, seek efficiency, strive for excellence, and maintain a sense of urgency as we work to bolster NASFAA's products and services.

Respect our colleagues.

We will do our part to create a productive, collaborative, and inclusive workplace environment by striving for civility, appreciation, and kindness.

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