Core Operating Values

NASFAA staff embrace and embody values commonly adopted in the workplace, such as integrity, trust, hard work, and mutual respect. In order to maintain a culture of appreciation and promote the NASFAA mission, we prioritize the following values:

Work-life Balance

We respect, accommodate, and celebrate the whole person, including the life we lead outside of NASFAA, which allows and encourages us to commit our best selves to our work and create a positive work environment.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We acknowledge the value and contributions of others by actively providing and seeking input from one another, welcoming healthy conflict, and embracing the different strengths we all bring to the entire NASFAA organization.

Innovation and Embracing Change

We adapt our strategies and tactics to changes in the higher education landscape and the profession. We skillfully approach our work and implement new technologies to create a better future for NASFAA and its members.


We believe every individual has a unique contribution to make and we commit to personal and organizational efforts to model respect, dignity and fairness for all through our behavior, attitude, and work.


We seek an intellectual connection and an emotional investment to the work we do to foster a rewarding environment of dedication and commitment.

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