National Chair: NASFAA's Elected Leader

Since NASFAA’s inception in 1966, the association has been led by an elected leader who serves a one-year term. For the 1966-69 term of office the title was Chairman, and for the terms of office from 1969-70 through 1986-87 the title was President. The title for elected leader was changed to National Chair in 1987-88 and remains National Chair today.

NASFAA maintains an email listserv to encourage networking and communication among these current and former leaders of the association. Past President & National Chairs are automatically added to the list; unsubscribe information is available in all delivered list messages. Before utilizing the listserv, all users are asked to review and accept NASFAA's Listserv Use Policy.

Term         Name and Institution

1966-1969    Allan W. Purdy, University of Missouri
1966-1970    Kenneth L. Wooten, University of Mississippi
1970-1971    H. Carroll Parish, University of California at Los Angeles
1971-1972    Grant E. Curtis, Tufts University  
1972-1974    Eunice L. Edwards, Fisk University  
1974-1975    Edson W. Sample, Indiana University  
1975-1976    Robert B. Clark, Oklahoma State University  
1976-1977    Mildred S. McAuley, Grossmont College  
1977-1978    Joe L. McCormick, Mississippi State University
1978-1979    Neil E. Bolyard, West Virginia University
1979-1980    Robert P. Huff, Stanford University   
1980-1981    Gene S. Miller, Pasadena City College
1981-1982    Donald E. Holec, Purdue University
1982-1983    Lola J. Finch, Washington State University
1983-1984    Mary Haldane, Drake University
1984-1985    William R. Bennett, Cleveland State University
1985-1986    Gerald T. Bird, University of Alabama in Birmingham
1986-1987    Robert W. Evans, Pennsylvania State University
1987-1988    Joseph Sciame, St. John's University
1988-1989    G. Kay Jacks, Colorado State University
1989-1990    Kathleen Hogan McCullough, Idaho State University
1990-1991    Donald R. Ryan, San Jose State University
1991-1992    Harvey P. Grotrian, University of Michigan
1992-1993    Paul G. Aasen, Gustavus Adolphus College
1993-1994    Claire M. Roemer, Tarrant Co. Junior College
1994-1995    Vernetta P. Fairley, University of Southern Mississippi
1995-1996    William A. Irwin, Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
1996-1997    Marvin G. Carmichael, Clemson University
1997-1998    John Parker, Drake University
1998-1999    Judith (Judy) Schneider, University of Texas at Arlington
1999-2000    Irvin W. Bodofsky, State University of New York Upstate Medical University      
2000-2001    Rachael L. Lohman, Wilkes University
2001-2002    Cruzita (Crusie) Lucero, Northeast State Technical Community College
2002-2003    Charlie Bruce, Oklahoma State University
2003-2004    David (Dave) Myette, Champlain College
2004-2005    George Chin, City University of New York
2005-2006    David Gelinas, University of the South
2006-2007    Janet Dodson, Doane College
2007-2008    Michael Bennett, Brookdale Community College
2008-2009    David Gruen, University of Wyoming
2009-2010    Barry Simmons, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
2010-2011    Laurie Wolf, Des Moines Area Community College
2011-2012    Pamela Fowler, University of Michigan
2012-2013    Rondall Day, Kennesaw State University
2013-2014    Craig Munier, University of Nebraska
2014-2015    Eileen O'Leary, Stonehill College
2015-2016    Dan Mann, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2016-2017    Lisa Blazer, University of Texas at San Antonio
2017-2018    Billie Jo Hamilton, University of South Florida
2018-2019    Lori Vedder, University of Michigan-Flint
2019-2020    Paula Luff, Ball State University
2020-2021    Brenda Hicks, Southwestern College
2021-2022    Brent Tener, Vanderbilt University
2022-2023    Brad Barnett, James Madison University
2023-2024    Helen Faith, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

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