Regional Leadership Award

Nominations for this award category are only accepted from the six regional associations. The NASFAA Regional Leadership Award is presented to individuals, who need not be financial aid administrators, who have made outstanding contributions to the financial aid profession at the regional and state levels over a sustained period of time. Leadership at the national level is not a criterion for this award. Current members of NASFAA's staff and NASFAA's Board of Directors, including non-voting members, are not eligible to receive this award.

The individuals selected for this award must:

  • Exhibit high integrity and character
  • Have shown creative leadership
  • Have inspired and encouraged others to participate actively in professional development activities
  • Have continued active involvement in professional organizations after holding elected office
  • Have supported the goals and objectives of NASFAA.

Winners will be announced this summer at the NASFAA National Conference; award plaques are typically presented at the respective regional conferences.

2022-23 NASFAA Regional Leadership Award Winners

One award is given in each of NASFAA's six regions. The following were awarded in 2023:


Thomas Dalton

Thomas Dalton
Associate Vice President Sales and Marketing (Northeast)


Chad Olson Chad Olson
Director of Financial Aid
Iowa State University


Myra Pfannenstiel Myra Pfannenstiel
Director of Financial Aid
Newman University


Marian Dill Marian Dill
Director of Financial Aid
Lee University


Tricia Dubroc Tricia Dubroc
Vice President
Louisiana Public Facilities Authority (LPFA)


Anthony Morrone Anthony Morrone
Director of Financial Aid
Nevada State College


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