Who Gives Financial Aid?

The U.S. Government

Learn about the types of federal student assistance available, how the process works, eligibility rules, and more. The FAFSA is the application form for these programs.

Your State

Learn about the financial aid programs available in your state. The FAFSA may be the only form you need, but check your state to find out if there are other forms to complete, and learn about state deadlines. 

Your College, University, or Vocational School

Your college or university financial aid office will use the information from your FAFSA to determine your eligibility for federal and state programs. Most schools have their own financial aid programs, and use your FAFSA results for those too.  Ask your financial aid office about what kind of aid they offer, whether you need to fill out any forms besides the FAFSA, and what the deadlines are.

Private Sources

Some independent scholarship programs accept the FAFSA, but most require their own forms. Many of these scholarships are not based on financial need. This is the kind of financial aid that you usually need to track down on your own. A free scholarship search engine can help you find and submit applications to scholarship programs that may be right for you.

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