Answers to Cash Management Sample Test

All tests will include a combination of multiple-choice and scenario-based questions. The following examples are similar in structure and scope to the questions that will appear on the test for this topic.

1. Funds from which of the following Title IV programs are NOT disbursed on a payment period basis?

    • Direct Loans
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • CORRECT: Federal Work-Study
    • FSEOG

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2. Which of the following is NOT a funding method for Title IV funds?

    • Reimbursement method
    • Advance payment method
    • Heightened cash monitoring payment method
    • CORRECT: Disbursement method

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3. If Title IV funds are delivered by check or EFT to the student or parent, and the check is not cashed or the EFT is rejected, any further attempts must cease and the funds must be returned to the appropriate Title IV program no later than __________ after the date the school issued the funds.

    • 180 business days
    • 180 calendar days
    • 240 business days
    • CORRECT: 240 calendar days

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4.  A school is exempt from the 30-day delayed disbursement requirement if its official cohort default rate is below __________ for each of the three most recent fiscal years for which data are available.

    • 10 percent
    • CORRECT: 15 percent
    • 20 percent
    • 25 percent

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Publication Date: 3/11/2024

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