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To help you prepare for the knowledge exam, utilize the helpful resources and guidance below. 

Self-AssessmentSelf-Assessment Worksheet

Start your exam preparation journey by evaluating your existing Title IV knowledge using NASFAA's complimentary Self-Assessment Worksheet.

The worksheet includes a detailed outline of each of the twelve major content areas identified in the Exam Content Outline in the Candidate Handbook, along with the percentage range of the test devoted to each area in parentheses.

While reviewing the worksheet, ask yourself:

  • Do I have a good understanding of the content area? 
  • Do I use this knowledge area regularly at work?

Focus your preparation on topics where you feel less confident or you've had minimal first-hand experience.

Download Self-Assessment Worksheet

Exam Prep GuideExam Preparation Guide

Lessons within the Exam Preparation Guide cover concepts directly relevant to the administration of Title IV aid, within the scope of the twelve major content areas—or "knowledge domains"—that guide the composition of the Exam Content Outline. Included are assessments to gauge both knowledge and application of principles. 

As a limited time offer, certification candidates will receive a promo code to waive the fee for the Exam Preparation Guide upon purchasing the Knowledge Exam. 

Additional Resources

View the full list of Core Resources in the Candidate Handbook. Generally available resources provided by the US Department of Education will complement and enhance the knowledge you already possess, especially the FSA Handbook.

Certification Insights Webinar

View the complimentary webinar, Certification Insights: Utilizing the Candidate Handbook to hear directly from a panel of FAACs who shared insights into why they pursued certification, how they prepared for the knowledge exam, what the testing experience was like, and how they have benefited from the designation.

Online Testing Process 

Review the technical requirements outlined online.

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Publication Date: 8/31/2022

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