Strategies for Managing Test Anxiety

Are you feeling nervous about taking NASFAA’s credential tests or certification exam? There are some things you can do to keep this from becoming a barrier. Based on advice from the experts, consider these strategies:

  • Know that a certain amount of anxiety is normal as a physical response to wanting to achieve a goal. 
    • Keep a healthy perspective on the risk you perceive – for example, if it turns out you need a second attempt to pass a test, remember that we only share your ultimate success publicly.
    • Lots of other people have been successful on these tests, and there’s every reason to believe that if you are prepared, you will, too!
  • Understand that anxiety is a physical and emotional response
    • Try mindful breathing or relaxation exercises to subdue physical symptoms.
    • Repeat positive affirmations to calm emotional feelings.
  • Since anxiety is related to fear, turn this natural “fight or flight” response to your advantage. 
    • Embrace the challenge;
    • Visualize your success; and
    • Prepare well in advance.
  • For most people, anxiety is reduced when you feel prepared.
    • Review the information you’re expected to know independently or as part of a study group.
    • Consult the recommended resources, making sure to focus on topics you might be less familiar with based on your prior experience or training.
    • Get a good night’s sleep the night before the test or exam!    

Despite your best efforts, if your anxiety is getting in the way and keeping you from moving forward, you might need some additional support. 

Contact our team to discuss your needs. We can offer information and strategies to help you be successful. 

Simply email with questions! 

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