Episode 6: Why Outsourcing Doesn't Really Mean Letting Go

In this episode of "Director Download," Justin, Beth, Joelle, and special guest JoEllen Soucier tackle a topic that invites both excitement and fear around the office—outsourcing. The group delves into what types of operations are the best fit for outsourcing within the world of financial aid, and what is needed in-house to properly manage and oversee third-party workers. The group also discusses how to handle changes with outsourced vendors, such as when ending contracts or moving from one partner to another, and how to best make the case to executives for outsourcing certain tasks.


Justin Draeger Beth Maglione  Joelle Fredman JoElle Soucier
Justin Draeger
President & CEO

Beth Maglione
Executive Vice President
Joelle Fredman
NASFAA Reporter

JoEllen Soucier
Houston Community College

Publication Date: 11/19/2018

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