Episode 9: Social Media for Your Office and Yourself: Parts 1 & 2

This week’s two-part episode of "Director Download" touches on best practices when it comes to using social media to connect with those around you both professionally and personally. In part one, Justin and Beth are joined by the social media coordinator at Houston Community College, Shar-day Campbell, who talks about how to make the case on campus for a social media strategy, and how Facebook and Twitter can be used by the financial aid office to make students feel less alone in their pursuit of higher education. For part of two of this episode, which begins at minute 29, we welcome back NASFAA’s legal counsel Julia Judish— who was previously featured on "A Hug or a Handshake"—to discuss the legal ramifications of posting online as a professional, and how social media policies and procedures may change by institution-type.


Justin Draeger Beth Maglione  Joelle Fredman Shar-Day Campbell  Julia Judish
Justin Draeger
President & CEO

Beth Maglione
Executive Vice President

Joelle Fredman
NASFAA Reporter


Shar-day Campbell
Houston Community College Communications and Social Media Coordinator
Julia Judish
Special Counsel, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Publication Date: 1/2/2019

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