Ensuring a Diverse Leadership Pipeline

Many financial aid offices - and many financial aid associations - have concerns around the diversity of their future leadership, or their "bench."

DLP LogoNASFAA has also struggled with ways to encourage and grow a diverse leadership and volunteer pipeline. To directly address these concerns, NASFAA in 2018-19 implemented the Diversity Leadership Program (DLP). Funded by NASFAA, the DLP provides an opportunity for prospective leaders from diverse backgrounds, and across the regional associations, to have experiences that will help prepare them to assume regional and national leadership roles in the future.

The DLP seeks to:

  • Advance the careers of program participants and provide them with important professional development;
  • Help NASFAA and the six regional associations develop a "deep bench" of motivated, talented leaders from diverse backgrounds; and
  • Provide individuals from identified under-represented groups in the association community (i.e., people of color, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender people, people with disabilities) with support, access, and opportunities for leadership.

Visit nasfaa.org/DLP for additional information. Program applications will be accepted in the fall; stay tuned to Today’s News for additional application information.


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