Golden Quill Award Previous Winners

The Robert P. Huff Golden Quill Award is presented each year to an individual or individuals chosen for their contributions to the literature on student financial aid. The award is named in honor of Bob Huff, former director of financial aid at Stanford University and himself an outstanding contributor to the scholarly literature on student aid. Bob received the first Golden Quill Award in 1984.

Nominees for the award are judged on the basis of published work which exemplifies the highest quality of research methodology, analysis, or topical writing on the subject of student financial aid or its administration.

The National Chair selects the Golden Quill recipient with consideration given to nominations submitted by the NASFAA Awards Committee and the Editorial Board of the Journal of Student Financial Aid.



Dr. Stella Flores, University of Texas at Austin

For her work on "Opening The Promise: The Five Principles of Equitable Policymaking" which will inform federal policy making for many years to come. 


Jamie Ramirez-Mendoza and Tiffany Jones, The Education Trust

For their recent work "Using Professional Judgement in Financial Aid to Advance Racial Justice & Equity" released in December 2020, which provides a racial equity analysis of the professional judgement process.


Center for American Progress

For their overall body of work which greatly enhances the lives of students and families – and particularly for their work on "One and Done: Modeling a One-Time FASFSA."


National College Access Network (NCAN)

For its overall body of work, which greatly enhances the lives of students and families.


Dr. Robert Kelchen

For contributing greatly to the literature on higher education, revealing the rationale behind accountability and outlining the historical development of how federal and state policies, accreditation practices, private-sector interests, and internal requirements have become so important to institutional success and survival.


Dr. Nicholas Hillman

For his research on the relationship between financial aid and educational opportunity, particularly for underrepresented students.


Dr. Judith Scott-Clayton

For her many contributions to the literature on financial aid, including “On money and motivation: A quasi-experimental analysis of financial incentives for college achievement.”


Dr. Stephen DesJardins

For his ongoing, rigorous research on student financial aid.


Dr. Jacob Gross


For his ongoing work as editor of the Journal of Student Financial Aid and his multiple research studies and policy analysis.


Dr. William Doyle

For his ongoing research to better understand both higher education politics and policy.


Dr. David Feldman

For his numerous important contributions on the complex issues surrounding college costs.


Dr. Laura W. Perna

For her influential research and publications on pre-college and college education, college finance and affordability, and equity in higher education.


Lauren Asher and Alisa Cunningham

For outstanding contributions to the literature on student financial aid.


Dr. Susan Dynarski

For contributions to the literature on student financial aid.


Dr. Bridget Terry Long

For her contributions to the body of research on state aid programs.


Rupert Wilkinson

For his student aid-related writings including his recent book titled, Aiding Students, Buying Students.


David W. Breneman

For his numerous publications on higher education finance and his service to the education profession. .


Alexander W. Astin and Kenneth Redd

For contributions to the literature on student financial aid.


The Institute for Higher Education Policy

For the publication Private Loans and Choice in Financing Higher Education.


Jacqueline King

For contributions to the literature on student financial aid.


Jamie P. Merisotis

For contributions to the literature on student financial aid.


Donald E. Heller

For contributions to the literature on student financial aid.


Lutz Berkner Susan Choy Laura Horn

For their work at MPR Associates on the National Postsecondary Student Aid Study (NPSAS).


Michael S. McPherson Morton O. Schapiro Thomas G. Mortenson

For contributions to the literature.


Joseph A. Russo

For his 12 years of service as Editor of NASFAA’s Journal of Student Financial Aid and his commitment to the advancement of research in financial aid.


Lawrence E. Gladieux

For contributions to student aid publishing


Sandy Baum

For contributions to the literature, including the 1996 Primer on Economics for Financial Aid Professionals


NASFAA Task Force on Institutional Leadership John T. Casteen, III Rhonda J. Norsetter

A Report to the Leaders of America's Colleges and Universities: Meeting the Challenge of Student Financial Aid and Reference Guide


D. Bruce Johnstone

For contributions to the literature


Edward St. John

For contributions to the literature on student enrollment, persistence, and other topics


Jerry Sheehan Davis

For contributions to the literature


National Center For Education Statistics

Mr. Sam Barbett

Dr. C. Dennis Carroll

Dr. Sandra Garcia

Mr. Paul R. Hall

Dr. Roslyn Korb

Mr. Jerry Malitz

Dr. Andrew Malizio

Ms. Sharon Nelson

Dr. Samuel Peng

Ms. Nancy Schantz

Ms. Josie Shell

Dr. Peter Stowe

Ms. Linda Zimbler

For publications resulting from NPSAS:87 (the first National Postsecondary Student Aid Study)


Thomas G. Mortenson

For policy research publications


David Merkowitz

Sara Melendez

Donna Shavlik

Reginald Wilson

James Murray

Frank H. T. Rhodes

One-Third of a Nation


National Office Communications Staff Jeffrey Sheppard

Madeleine Longano

Maurese Owens

Alicia Montecalvo

Inaugural issues of Student Aid Transcript


1986-87 Research Committee

Jeffrey Baker, Chairman

George Chin

Janet C. Hunter-Holmes

Kenneth R. Ostberg

Leonard M. Wenc

Joan Holland

Annotated Bibliography of Literature on Student Financial Aid


Steven Brooks

NASFAA: The First Twenty Years


Hal F. Higginbotham

William D. Van Dusen

First Survey of Undergraduate Need Analysis Policies and Procedures


Robert P. Huff

Editor, Journal of Student Financial Aid


Publication Date: 6/29/2022

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