Membership Directory Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NASFAA Membership Directory?

The NASFAA Membership Directory is a searchable index that lists all individuals, institutions, and organizations who are members of NASFAA. Basic contact information is available for all listings – name, title, institution, address, and email address.

How can I update my information in the NASFAA Membership Directory?

You can update your information by updating your myNASFAA profile. This will ensure that the Directory always has the most current and accurate membership information. Note that only basic contact information is displayed in the directory. Demographic information is not included in the Membership Directory, and current view does not include your profile photo.

Can I suppress my information from the NASFAA Membership Directory?

Yes, simply adjust the checkbox in the Directories & Settings tab of your myNASFAA profile.

I noticed there were extra and/or missing people from my institution in the directory. How do I ensure our staff list is up to date?

Users may have opted out of the directory, so while they may be in the NASFAA system, they may have decided to not display their information.

Another reason they may be missing from your institution is they may not be listed on your staff roster. You can ask the staff person to confirm or create their myNASFAA account, or the Primary and Secondary contacts can add users to your staff roster. More information is available on the Manage Our Institution/Organization page.

The Primary and Secondary contacts can also remove previous employees, or the user can detach from your institution in their myNASFAA profile.

How can I contact NASFAA members?

Once you have located the member you are looking for in the Membership Directory, simply select their email address to send a message or use the phone number provided in the directory. The directory is for personal use only, and there is no export or member list available.

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