Policy on Use of NASFAA Name & Logo

The name "National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators," the initials "NASFAA," and NASFAA's distinctive logo are all service marks owned by NASFAA. These service marks may not be used by anyone (including NASFAA Members) in any manner without written permission from NASFAA, other than in the limited exceptions detailed below. Moreover, NASFAA does not allow its Members to indicate their affiliation with NASFAA on any commercial solicitations. The intent of these policies is to avoid giving the impression that NASFAA is a credentialing organization or endorses a product, service, person, or entity.

Following are the limited exceptions under which a NASFAA Member may use the name "National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators" or the initials "NASFAA" (but not its logo) without prior permission.

  • In reference to any NASFAA conference, workshop, publication, video, or web site.
  • In reference to news or information disseminated by NASFAA (e.g., "NASFAA reported. . . .")
  • In Annual Reports, internal documents, and similar noncommercial materials as might be required by the Member institution's administrative practices.
  • On resumes or similar biographical materials. [Note: NASFAA membership is institutional, not individual. Therefore, a person should not say he or she is a "NASFAA Member." Rather, a person should indicate the volunteer capacity in which he or she served; for example, as the school's "institutional representative to NASFAA," committee member, elected officer or board member, workshop instructor, author, reviewer, etc., along with the dates of service. An individual may also note attendance at NASFAA conferences, workshops, web-based training, etc. as an indication of professional development activity.]

Please refer your questions on the above policy or requests for permission to use NASFAA's name, initials, or logo, to Membership Services or call (202) 785-0453 Ext. 1.

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