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Kochie Vaughan

Regulatory Specialist, NASFAA

Kochie is a regulatory specialist with NASFAA and has worked in financial aid for nearly 35 years. Her current responsibilities include researching and writing NASFAA training materials and responding to regulatory questions posed by NASFAA members. She telecommutes from Raleigh, NC. Prior to joining NASFAA, Kochie worked on both the school and guarantor side of student aid. While working in the aid office she was fortunate in that she had the pleasure of working in various sectors, such as private for profit, community college, four year public and graduate/professional schools. Kochie was a regional training executive for USA Funds for over 14 years. Her experience working in such a diverse group of schools equipped Kochie with the ability to relate to a vast number of trainees during her tenure as a trainer. Kochie has held leadership positions in our industry, including serving as vice-president and diversity chair for NCASFAA. At the end of the day, if asked, what brings her the most contentment, she will say "My family, my joy."

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