Pop Quiz – Are We Required to Update Our PPA?


The school has just begun to offer online courses within an existing Title IV eligible program. The Program Participation Agreement (PPA) does not currently reflect any correspondence or distance education courses. Does this need to be updated with the offer of one or more online courses or is it updated once the program is more than 50 percent online?


It is our understanding that, even though the school is not offering an entire distance education program, the school still needs approval from a Department of Education-approved accrediting agency to offer distance education courses online. With accrediting agency approval to offer distance education courses, you would treat the online courses like any other residential courses for Title IV purposes. If the course meets degree completion requirements, it can be paid with Title IV aid.

Before proceeding, you should consult with your accrediting agency and your ED School Participation Team to ensure your overarching program would still meet all Title IV eligibility requirements when the online courses are incorporated into the program. School Participation Team contact information may be found at www.eligcert.ed.gov.


Publication Date: 9/13/2018

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