Pop Quiz – How Do We Handle Readmitted Students With a Change in SAP Policy?


The school had the same satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy for a long time, but effective for the 2019-20 academic year, the required pace of completion for SAP was changed from 75% to 67%. The school evaluates SAP annually. Is the school required to recalculate SAP for readmitted students who last attended prior to the policy change, i.e., if a student was failing SAP under the old policy, do we recalculate to see if the student would be meeting SAP based on the current policy?


Once the student is readmitted, the student should be evaluated under the new policy first. Also, note, taking time away or classes elsewhere does not resolve the prior SAP status. If the student is not making satisfactory academic progress under the new policy, guidance previously received from the U.S. Department of Education (ED) related to a similar question applies:

"For students on suspension due to having failed SAP under the existing policy, we think it is only reasonable that they be given an appeal (regardless of the number of previous appeals) based on implementation of a new policy. If they are shown to be making SAP under the new policy, their eligibility should be restored. If not, then they regain eligibility when they are making SAP under the new policy. For students on probation with an academic plan, their plans should be reviewed to see if they are already again making SAP under the revised standards or made compatible with those standards."

In general, if there is any change in policy, students should be notified as soon as possible for the change. Ideally, students would be notified before the change has gone into effect.

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Publication Date: 3/9/2020

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