GEN-08-10/FP-08-08: Reminder Of Guidance For Helping Title IV Participants Affected By A Disaster

Publication Date: June 24, 2008

DCL ID:  GEN-08-10

Subject: Reminder of guidance for helping Title IV participants affected by a disaster.

Summary: We are issuing a reminder to Title IV student aid participants of previously published general guidance for helping those affected by a federally-declared disaster that was included in Dear Colleague Letter GEN-04-04, and information on the waiver of Title IV grant repayment for students affected by a disaster contained in Dear Colleague Letter GEN-05-17.

Dear Colleague:

In light of recent federally-declared disasters, we would like to remind institutions, lenders, and guaranty agencies that participate in the Title IV federal student assistance programs of the general guidance for helping Title IV participants affected by a federally-declared disaster contained in Dear Colleague Letter GEN-04-04 ( We would also like to remind institutions of the waiver of a student’s Title IV grant repayment responsibility if the student withdrew from an institution because of a major disaster. The grant repayment waiver is contained in Dear Colleague Letter GEN-05-17 ( The guidance in both letters remains in effect, and participants should refer to it when addressing any Title IV issues related to any federally-declared disaster.

If an institution has questions that are not addressed by GEN-04-04 or GEN-05-17, they should contact their School Participation Team. For a list of School Participation Team phone numbers, go to the schools portal at and click on the “ Help Center” button, then choose “Contacts,” and then “School Participation Teams.”

Lenders and guaranty agencies in the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program should contact Federal Student Aid’s Financial Partners regional staff serving the location of the lender or agency.


Vincent Sampson
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Office of Postsecondary Education

Reminder of Guidance for Helping Title IV Participants Affected by a Disaster in PDF Format, 57kb, 1 page 


Publication Date: 6/24/2008

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