5 Ways to Get a Tuition Discount

"College is a costly investment, but there are several ways to reduce the burden. One option is through tuition discounts, which in recent years have been offered at historically high rates at private colleges, for instance," U.S. News & World Report writes.

... "Tuition discounting refers to any type of financial assistance a school uses to reduce the net price of attendance for its students, says Jill Desjean, senior policy analyst at the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators."

"Beginning fall 2023, families at Princeton who earn up to $100,000 do not have to pay tuition or room and board fees, according to the school's website. The current income cutoff is $65,000. 'Instead of applying this complicated formula to every person and giving everyone precisely the amount of need they are going to need, schools will just say, 'Across the board, if your family makes less than this amount of money, you don't pay anything for tuition,'' Desjean says. 'It keeps it simple and sends a really clear, transparent message to low-income families that they can afford that education.'"

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Publication Date: 10/28/2022

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