Commonplace or a Painful Practice?

"A group of students at Morehouse College who recently learned they would not be getting scholarship funds they expected and believed they were entitled to receive are demanding change and clarity about the institution’s scholarship policies. They want college administrators to explain how external and internal scholarships are factored into the individual costs, per student, of attending the university," Inside Higher Ed reports. 

... "Justin Draeger, president and CEO of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, said he couldn’t speak to what’s happening at Morehouse. But in general, scholarship displacement is a 'not uncommon' way for colleges to shift institutional resources to the students who have less outside financial help."

“'Any scholarship displacement is an unfortunate practice ultimately created by too much need and not enough resources for students,' Draeger said. 'Most colleges just don’t have enough money to meet the full need of their students, so they’re constantly weighing the resources that different students bring to the table, and if they find out one student is bringing more resources, they might try to reallocate those funds to another needy student.'"

"Reduced scholarship funding may be a 'painful process for families to go through,' but he sees the practice as a symptom of institutions not having enough money to go around."

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Publication Date: 11/21/2022

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