How to Pay for College Without Loans

"For high school students and their families, the process of applying for college can be loaded with questions: Where will I be accepted? Which major should I choose? And, perhaps most importantly, how will I pay for it all? For many students, paying for college involves student loans," U.S. News & World Report writes.

..."Receiving scholarships is one of the best ways to pay for school, and applying can require a good amount of research, planning and effort.

Dana Kelly, vice president of professional development and institutional compliance at NASFAA, says high school students should talk to their college guidance counselor about finding scholarships from community organizations, like a local Rotary club.

Even your local religious institutions may offer scholarships for member students. Kelly says these awards may be smaller than more prominent scholarships, but every dollar counts when you’re trying to reduce your student loans.

'It takes a lot of persistence and doing your own checking because those scholarships are not going to be on a website typically,' she says.

Another potential source is your parent’s employer. 'Again, don’t forget about things that might be really close to you,' Kelly says."

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Publication Date: 2/14/2023

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