Reminder: National Task Force Requests NASFAA Member Feedback on Aid Offer Standards, Principles, Glossary

Late last year, NASFAA, along with nine other higher education associations representing college presidents, financial aid offices, admissions offices, and school counselors announced the formation of a task force — the Paying for College Transparency Initiative — to create standards and principles to be used when institutions are developing their aid offers for first-time students. 

After months of hard work and feedback from various stakeholders — as well as guidance from a working group of financial aid, admissions, and enrollment management practitioners, including several NASFAA members —the task force has produced the following documents and would like NASFAA members to submit comments, concerns, or suggestions as they head into their final steps to finalize the products. 

Your presidents may  have received similar notifications about the work of this task force and a request for comments from their respective associations. All documents will be translated into Spanish before publishing, and student-level consumer testing will take place on the final forms. 

The task force would appreciate your feedback on the following documents no later than June 1, 2023. Please submit your feedback using this form.

Principles & Standards

  • Note: The goal of these principles and standards are to ensure that students can easily understand how much a postsecondary education will cost and more readily compare aid offers from various institutions.


  • Note: This glossary was created using input from the Department of Education’s financial aid glossary, NASFAA’s financial aid glossary, as well as input from stakeholders and the task force members. Our goal with this document is for it to become as user-friendly and easily understood as possible. 

Aid Offer Examples

Department of Education Example

  • Note: This is the Department of Education’s example and we cannot adjust or modify, but included this as an example of a model that would adhere to our principles and standards. 

Four-Year University Example

  • Note: Standard aid offer example for traditional, dependent, undergraduate students. 

Community College Example

  • Note: This example would pertain mostly to community college and part-time students and focuses on the amounts paid to the college or university, e.g., tuition, but also includes amounts paid to others.


Publication Date: 3/30/2023

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