Pop Quiz - Does a School Need to Verify the Student Filed Taxes?


A school has a student selected for verification who did not file taxes for 2021, but was above the threshold for not being required to file. The school directed the student to file, but does the school need to verify the student actually filed with the IRS before proceeding with verification?


No, when accepting a signed copy of the tax return (with Schedules 1, 2, and 3) to complete verification, you are not required to request confirmation that the tax return was filed with the IRS, unless you have reason to believe it was not actually filed. When accepting a signed copy of the tax return, it must be a copy of the tax return that was actually filed with the IRS. However, if it is a tax return completed in original "wet" handwriting, you might consider requesting a signed written statement explaining that it is a handwritten, exact copy of the one that was filed with the IRS and explaining why an actual photocopy, photographed copy, or faxed copy is not being provided instead. The school may also request an IRS Tax Return Transcript as an alternative.


Publication Date: 5/31/2023

Christopher T | 5/31/2023 4:38:57 PM

If I was verifying this file. I would select them for V1 verification and request all verification items as required. since we have identified conflicting information. We can't make them file anything as we are not tax professionals, we can only request required documents as needed to perform verification.

Amber H | 5/31/2023 12:49:23 PM

Rhonda- I agree! This scenario was definitely missing pieces needed to make the appropriate decision. Based on what was provided I would have required the student to file and bring back a stamped copy of the return submitted.

Rebecca A | 5/31/2023 11:57:21 AM

The answer doesn't match the scenario. In the first line it states the "student selected for verification who DID NOT file taxes, but was above the threshold" requiring the student to files taxes. The school appears to have taken the correct steps. The answer only refers to receiving a signed copy of the tax return which is different than the scenario.

Rhonda W | 5/31/2023 9:41:18 AM

I don't see where a signed copy of the tax return was accepted. They only directed the student to file.

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