Gainful Employment Proves Contentious, Again

"Higher education groups representing a range of colleges and universities told the Education Department this week that the agency has a lot of work to do over the next four months to fix its proposed gainful-employment rule," Inside Higher Ed reports.

..."The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators wrote in its comment that using the gainful-employment metrics for non-GE programs would be 'inappropriate and illogical.'

'The GE metrics are designed to measure short-term ROI,' NASFAA wrote. 'This is appropriate for programs that provide training in a specific field, but not for a broader education that provides more readily-transferable critical thinking skills necessary to solve problems, adapt, and lead as the world changes. Neither type of education is better, but they are different, as evidenced by the fact that they are defined differently in statute.'

NASFAA and others criticized the department for not proposing the reporting and disclosure requirements for all programs at the negotiated rule-making sessions last year that focused on gainful employment. The association said the department must abandon the provisions that exceed its statutory authority.

'Past experience shows lawsuits challenging new regulations lead to wasted time for financial aid administrators, who must prepare to implement new rules as if they will become effective, only to drop those plans once plaintiffs prevail,' NASFAA wrote."

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Publication Date: 6/22/2023

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