Republicans Now Targeting Scholarships For Black Students After Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Decision

"'It took Republicans no time at all to take the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decision and use it to attack other educational initiatives intended to support people of color.' In their latest move, the GOP is taking the affirmative action battle beyond the admissions process to now trying to eliminate college scholarships for minorities." Essence reports.

... "Opponents of these rash actions include the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators president and CEO Justin Draeger. Draeger said his organization has not advised on these changes and is urging 'colleges to act carefully after they have had time to study the decision.'"

"'We first and foremost pointed out that the SCOTUS opinion was squarely focused on institutions’ admissions policies,' stated Draeger. 'We also pointed out to schools that the highest court in the country took months to deliberate on this issue, and schools should similarly consider any implications on financial aid. This ruling came from a long and deliberate process, and we urged schools to be careful about overreacting and encouraged them to consult with their attorneys and await forthcoming guidance from the Department of Education before significantly altering their student aid programs,' he told Inside Higher Ed."

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Publication Date: 7/6/2023

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