4 Ways Financial Aid Partnerships Can Help You Ride Out the Turbulent FAFSA Season

"Financial aid offices often deal with some of higher education’s most complex, nuanced and flat-out tricky fine-print problems. With the thousands of cases a single officer can deal with in a year, it’s hard not to err. Here are four ways partnerships with outside experts, such as with FAS, can elevate your financial aid offices amid its evolving challenges," University Business reports.

... "Building on the first and second points, a financial aid staff supported by outside experts can ensure their bases are covered with new regulations, student queries and an exorbitant number of cases. This reassurance can help prevent employee burnout and keep employment numbers healthy. This is crucial for the 56% of institutions NASFAA surveyed that cited their financial aid offices were working at reduced capacity."

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Publication Date: 7/12/2023

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