6 Scholarship Opportunities for African American Students to Seize

"As schools welcome students back to their halls, it’s an opportunity to consider the educational journey beyond high school. For African-American students, this can mean diving into a realm of scholarships tailored to support their ambitions," Foxxy 99 reports.

..."According to the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), nearly all state education agencies offer at least one grant or scholarship opportunity designed specifically for their residents. In many instances, there is an extensive array of student aid programs available. Typically, these opportunities are directed toward state residents who are pursuing their education within the state, although exceptions can apply. It’s worth noting that most of these programs operate on an annual application deadline basis. If you don’t get a scholarship because you missed the deadline, don’t worry. You can try again next year, and you’ll be better prepared."

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Publication Date: 8/30/2023

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