Pop Quiz - Does an Academic Trip Have to Count in the Number of Days For a Term?


A school faculty member wants to add a two week trip to one of the courses and wanted to determine if this would extend the course. This trip is not to study abroad.The course would have a normal 16-week lecture series and the trip would take place for two weeks after the end of the lecture series. The normal semester ends at the end of the 16 weeks. Can the course be considered as ending on the normal last day of the term? 


No. The November 5, 2019 Electronic Announcement ended the allowance for a "two-week tolerance" for standard terms, so if a course extends beyond the start or end date of a term, in most cases the length of the term must be extended accordingly to encompass the course. However, in the frequently asked questions document attached to the Electronic Announcement, the U.S. Department of Education (ED) provides certain exceptions for study abroad coursework. According to ED, the treatment of this study abroad coursework will depend upon whether it is offered through a written arrangement with an outside provider, or provided by a foreign location of your own institution. Since this is not study abroad, the trip would extend the term by two weeks.


Publication Date: 9/27/2023

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